Trekking tour in the Carpathians - 7 days/6 nights
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Trekking tour in the Carpathians

Itinerary: Bucharest - Sibiu - Bârcaciu - Negoiu - Balea Lac - Podragu - Valea Sambetei - Bucharest
Duration:7 days/6 nights

Day 1

Transfer from the airport to Sibiu (3-4 hours ). Accommodation in Sibiu guesthouse.

Day 2

Meeting in Sibiu at 8,00 A.M. from where we will go by bus to the common Turnu Rosu, our first departing point in the crossing tour of the crest of the Fagaras Mountains. We climb the main ridge following the trail marked with a red cross to Saua Apa Cumpanita, reach the Suru Peak (2281 m alt.), pass the Portita Avrigului, and hike slowly to our first halt, Bârcaciu Chalet (1550 m alt.).

The duration of this portion is about 6-8 hours, and the difficulty is medium.

Day 3

8.00 A.M.-Breakfast; 9.00 A.M.-Departure from the Bârcaciu Chalet(1550 m alt.) to the Scara Peak (2307 m alt.) –Mâzgavu Peak (2277 m alt.) –Serbota Peak (2331 m alt.) and then to Negoiu Chalet ( 1546 m alt ), where we will spend the night at some very hospitable chalet owners.

The duration of this portion is about 6-7 hours, and the difficulty is medium.

Day 4

8.00 A.M. -Breakfast; 9.00 A.M. –Departure from the Negoiu Chalet (1546 m alt.) through the Saratii Valley untill the Saua Cleopatra where we meet the main trail to the Negoiu Peak . In about 3 hours, 3 hours and a half, we reach the Negoiu Peak(2535 m alt.),the second highest mountain peaks of the Romanian Carpathians.

From here, we have two routes to descend to the Caltun Lake: Strunga Dracului for experimented tourits or Strunga Doamnei for less experienced tourists. After approx. 1 hour we reach the Caltun Refugee where we will stop to eat. Then we will continue our ridge trail: Laitel Peak–Laita Peak–Turnul Paltinului–Paltinu Peak and a descend to the Bâlea Lac Chalet (2034 m alt.).

The duration of this portion is about 8-10 hours, and the difficulty is medium, but in Strunga Dracului, the danger is great.

Day 5

8.00 A.M. -Breakfast; 9.00 A.M. –Departure from Bâlea Lake Chalet to a ascend to Saua Capra–Capra Lake. After about 2 hours we reach Fereastra Zmeilor, an exquisite belvedere place. We continue our trail through a tougher area named “Three steps away from death”, where we have chains and cables for sustenance.

After this area we climb to the Arpasu Mic Peak – Arpasu Mare Peak – Mircii Peak and descend to the Podul Giurgiului Lake. From here, we climb on the level curve under the Podragu Peak and we’ll reach Saua Podragului, the Podragu Challet lies 20-30 minutes away.

Duration: 5-7 hours. Difficulty level-medium.

Day 6

7.00 A.M. – Breakfast; 8.00 A.M. –Departure to the Valea Sâmbetei Chalet. This is the longest tour and the distance between the chalets is the greatest till now. Leaving the Podragu Chalet behind, we will follow this trail: Tarâta Peak –Corabia Peak –Ucisoara Peak – a more difficult climbing on the Vistea Mare Peak (2527 m alt.), we reach the Moldoveanu Peak (2544 m alt.), the “Roof of Romania” in 5-10 minutes, on a secondary ridge.

After a well deserved rest on the “Roof of Romania” we’ll continue our trail by descending to the Vistea Mare refugee-Hârtopul Ursului Peak–Galbenele Peak- Galasescu Mare-Fereastra Mare a Sâmbetei, from which we reach the Valea Sâmbetei Chalet (1401 m alt.) after a descend of about 1 hour and 30 minutes through the Sâmbetei Valley.

Duration: 9-11 hours. Difficulty level-medium.

Day 7

8.00 A.M. -Breakfast; 9.00 A.M. –Departure from the Valea Sâmbetei Chalet to the main trail to the ridge Fereastra Mare a Sâmbetei-Cheia Bândei Peak–Urlea Peak ( 2471 m )–Urlea Lake, a place we‘ll have a rest on the banks of the lake.

After a well deserved relaxation break we will descend from the Urlea Lake to the Urlea Chalet. We will have a snack here, and after we will descend through the Pojortei Valley to the village Breaza, where a mean of transportation will wait for us and will brig us back to Bucharest.

Duration: 6-8 hours. Difficulty level-medium

In the evening transfer to the airport.

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