DANUBE DELTA travel guide


You all have heard about the Danube Delta. It is part of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, the 3rd richest biosphere reservation in the world. It's the youngest soil in Europe but also the largest reserve of wetlands on the continent, home to more than 7000 species of plants and animales, a wild paradise full of pelicans, water lilies, different types of fish... It was formed between the 3 river branches of the Danube: Sulina, Chilia and Sf. Gheorghe all with the same direction - the Black Sea.

Here you will envoy 300 species of birds, 1200 types of plants, 60 varieties of fish in a protected expanse of 5640 sqKm, representing 2,5% of Romania's surface. Formed 10000 years ago, Delta it’s the youngest piece of land in Europe situated in the vicinity of the oldest mountains of the planet-Macin Mountains formed 400 milions years ago.

This land has the richest ornithological fauna in the world, the most compact surface covered with cane in the world. These are some of the unique characteristics of Delta, but only a safari into the wild Delta will make you realize its uniqueness. For those who love nature an exploratory boat trip into the wild Delta meandering along its maze of channels, lakes, sandbanks and willow forests it’s a lifetime’s experience. Fish, butterflies, wild boars, snakes, enot dogs, muskrats and otters, foxes and rabbits, sheep, goats and donkeys, wild horses, all these are part of the Delta landscape. Around 300 species of birds ( migrating from Europe, Asia and Africa ) pass here, a real blessing for the lovers of ornithology. These are some declared monuments of the nature: the red and white wild duck, the white egret, the white tailed eagle, the spoon bill, the still, the Eurasian curlew, the European roller, the pelican, the black theoated diver. The decor is completed by 1200 species of plans, amongs which water lilies are considered monuments of nature.

Boar safari through the channels, fishing, wine tasting, bird watching, admiring the pelican's colony, walking in the local woods, a sunset cruise, a visit to the monasteries at Saon and Cocos, an archeological trip to Isaccea, these are some ideas for a traveler exploring this incredible area. More than half of the entire surface of the Danube Delta was added in 1990 on the International Cultural and Natural Patrimony List, mainly due to the patrimonial value of the biosphere reservation.

Enjoy your trip in the Delta and don’t forget to take your foto camera with you!

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