Day trip to Poienari
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Itinerary: Bucharest - Targoviste - Curtea de Arges - Poienari - Bucharest
Distance: 400km (round trip)

A true journey to discover Wallachia from the time of Vlad Tepes, in the 15th century. Visit the royal court with the famous Chindia Tower, climb the Poienari Castle, royal residence of the Romanian prince, and admire Curtea de Arges,the most beautiful monastery in Wallachia.

In the morning, departure to Targoviste, the Wallachian capital of Vlad Tepes..The first princely county was built by Mircea the Elder, Dracula's grandfather, after Dracula himself added the Chindia Tower. Targoviste remembers the day the boyars were called for a party in the city. They were asked if they wanted to be relieved of their difficulties. With an affirmative answer, Vlad Tepes burned them all so that no one would suffer more. The oldest written document about the Royal Court of Targoviste dates from the year 1396. In the 17th century, the Royal Court was burned down by the order of the Ottoman Empire and the capital of Wallachia was transferred to Bucharest.

Later we arrive at Curtea de Arges, the second oldest capital of Wallachia ,in the southern part of Romania. Visit the Curtea de Arges monastery, built in the Byzantine style between 1512 and 1517 and declared the World's Heritage Site by UNESCO. The monastery hides one of the most famous Romanian legends: the legend of Master Manole. Inside the monastery are the tombs of the first two kings and the first two queens of Romania. Lunch at Curtea de Arges restaurant.

We continue our visit to the Poienari fortress (today only ruins), built by the boyars who were later impaled by Dracula. Poienari Castle witnessed the suicide of Dracula's first wife when she threw herself from the tower into the waters of the Arges River. The fortress can be accessed by climbing 1.400 steps, in about 1 hour, and offers a magnificent view of the Carpathians. From there also begins the Transfagarasan route, the most famous route in the Carpathians.

Return in the afternoon to Bucharest.

Practical information: the visit can be organized every day except Monday, the closing day of the Royal Court of Targoviste.
The tour begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends around 8:00 p.m.

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